1: Framework of Content Curation

Savvy start 

Step 1.1 Craft an actionable, results-oriented, and contextualized title.
Step 1.2 Describe the course clearly: Inform the learners about what they will learn.
Step 1.3 Address course goals and objectives: Explain what competency learners will obtain as a result of this learning.
Step 1.4 Inform the benefits of learning the target skills and the negative consequences of not learning them.
Step 1.5 Inform the practical relevance of the target skills to real life.
Step 1.6 Make human connections: Introduce yourself, your role at the institution and your experience in the subject matter.

Content Development

Step 2.1 Segment: Organize and present information in smaller steps or chunks based on key concepts to reduce the cognitive load of working memory.
Step 2.2 Eliminate extraneous information that doesn’t align with learning objectives.
Step 2.3 Introduce the names and characteristics of the main concepts before diving into the content presentation.
Step 2.4 Provided preliminary resources for the course.
Step 2.5 Present content with multimedia materials. E.g.: videos, mind maps, simulated activities, etc.
Step 2.6 Contextualize targeted skills by showing the practical use cases.
Step 2.7 Connect targeted skills with additional real-world applications/examples.
Step 2.8 Maintain conversational style rather than formal style. 
Step 2.9 Record a friendly human voice with enthusiasm for narrations rather than using a machine voice.
Step 2.10 Use reflective questions to facilitate knowledge re-construction. E.g.: What is the difference between two concepts? What is your biggest takeaway from this class?
Step 2.11 Provide hands on-practice activity to facilitate knowledge retention.

Content Closure

Step 3.1 Recap the key concepts. 
Step 3.2 Elicit emotion and a sense of achievement.Highlight knowledge competency learners developed – Align with learning goals.
Step 3.3 Provide instructional support/additional resources as needed.
Guideline 3.4 Call to action.

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