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Elearning Authoring Projects

Leadership in an Evolving Workforce Tools used: Storyline 360, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator Course Link Data Infra Onboarding Tools used: Rise 360, Adobe Premier, Adobe Illustrator Course Link Research Operation (1): Getting Started in the SRT Research Vertical Tools…


1: Framework of Content Curation Step 1: Savvy start  Step 1.1 Craft an actionable, results-oriented, and contextualized title. Step 1.2 Describe the course clearly: Inform the learners about what they will learn. Step 1.3 Address course goals and objectives: Explain…

Project Management

Agile Management To manage the development of a learning program, I have set up my templates to centralize the project information, i.e. project objectives, stockholders, content overview, progress tracker, content creation instructions, and topic tracker.

Graphic Design

Poster Design Project titleTech Training & Open Lab Poster Tool used in DevelopmentAdobe Illustrator Poster Design Project titleUniversal Design for Learning Tool used in DevelopmentAdobe Illustrator Postcard Design Project titleTechnology Proficient Badge Tool used in DevelopmentAdobe Illustrator

Technical Writing

H5P & LMS I’ve designed the web-based learning experience to support faculty’s implementation of the e-learning authoring tool – H5P and LMS. These resources supported faulty’s transformation in the online teaching. Scroll down to Learn More H5P H5P is an…